Lip Moisturizers

Realhemp™ lip moisturizers are perfect for adding hydration and keeping lips looking great on-the-go.



Botanical Pomegranate
Lip Balm – 10 ml

Flake. Apply. Repeat. Stop the dry lip cycle with our truly nourishing from the inside-out lip balm. Naturally flavored for your healing enjoyment, Botanical Pomegranate helps invigorate the lips while providing natural penetrating moisture to truly cure flaky lips for good


Botanical Vanilla
Lip Balm – 10 ml

Tired of endlessly flaking lips? Our Vanilla Pomegranate Lip Balm harnesses the soothing comfort of Vanilla to naturally heal moisture deprived lips. Naturally flavored for your healing enjoyment, this lip balm leaves your lips drenched in healthy hydration.

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